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If your company is like most, you have access to mountains of proprietary customer data and public customer feedback. Your challenge? Mining these data for the answers you need to make better business decisions.

AMS’s machine learning/AI algorithm, ACE™ (Automated Content Evaluator), allows you to quickly find answers to important questions in existing data, so you can agilely adapt to an ever-changing marketplace.

We’ve partnered with researchers at MIT to apply the latest advances in machine learning to customer insights. Our method utilizes sophisticated multivariate data modeling and other big data analytics to mine big data for the gems of insight that you need to design better products and superior customer experiences.

We analyze both customer-generated content and other types of content including:

• Industry or product discussion forums

• Online product reviews

• Customer call center data

• Existing survey datasets, including answers to open-ended questions

• Secondary research purchased by your company

• Our AI methodology is fast, reliable, and cost-effective.

Our team synthesizes data into actionable insights, by showing you areas in need of improvement and hidden opportunities to exploit for competitive advantage. Reports provide clear and actionable answers, so cross-functional teams can quickly make use of the new insights. In addition, we recommend next steps based on our findings.

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Get results in weeks instead of months


Uncover insights at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods


Mine every inch of text data to be sure you’re not missing anything


Unearth infrequently mentioned and potentially game-changing insights


Understand customer insights at the moment of truth to inform innovation, line extensions, adjacency exploration, trends, advertising claims, and customer experience

Understanding Machine Learning for Market Research

What is machine learning and how is it transforming the field of market research?

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