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The Future of Telehealth: Lessons Learned from Listening to the Voice of the Patient

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 catalyzed a step-change in telehealth usage, as healthcare providers (HCPs) closed their offices to all but the most urgent cases. Patients were forced to rely on virtual appointments for a wide assortment of services, including routine checkups and consultations, minor acute care, and management of chronic conditions. As a result, they realized several ways in which telehealth is preferable to in-person care, including convenience, infection prevention, and time savings. In the future, when the pandemic ends, HCPs will need to continue to provide a robust telehealth option to satisfy the growing number of patients who want it.  

This webinar will cover lessons learned from a nine-month Voice of the Customer study of the telehealth patient experience. Conducted during the height of the pandemic, it includes interviews with 15 patients, automated analysis of online discussion boards, and a survey of over 400 patients.

Attendees will learn insights into questions such as: 

  • For what types of care was telehealth most used? Which of those services do patients expect to continue to receive through remote medicine even after access to HCP offices returns to pre-pandemic levels?
  • What benefits do patients most value about telehealth, and how does it vary across demographic groups?
  • What are the most important patient needs for telehealth, and how satisfied are patients with how telehealth meets them? 
  • Where are the biggest opportunities for HCPs, insurers, and companies that provide products and services to the healthcare market to delight patients and improve the patient experience?
  • How should healthcare position itself for success when telehealth is the standard of care in the “new normal” of post-pandemic life?  
Length: 00:29:22


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