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Do You Really Know Your Customers? Uncovering Customer Needs in the Connected Age

Presented originally at the PDMA Virtual Innovators Conference & JPIM Research Forum

Product managers are under constant pressure to develop truly new and innovative products. It is not an easy job. You must make many decisions, big and small, often while navigating competing opinions from key stakeholders within your organization. Add in Covid-19 uncertainties, shrinking budgets, and a changing market landscape, and many quickly feel overwhelmed.

Fortunately, there is a scientific, proven, and repeatable research method that has helped hundreds of product managers navigate these very same challenges: Voice of the Customer (VOC). VOC research helps product managers understand their customers’ unmet needs so they can develop successful new products, services, and distinctive customer experiences.

The technology of the connected age has provided product managers with vast amounts of customer data at their fingertips. This content can serve as the backbone of a comprehensive Voice of the Customer study. Product managers can use The Internet of Things (IoT), geotracking, user generated content (UCG), mobile ethnographies, and more to connect with customers and their needs faster, easier and cheaper than they ever thought possible.

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • Why understanding customer needs is critical to your company’s success
  • Traditional and emerging methods for uncovering stated and unstated customer needs
  • How connectivity through IoT, geotracking, UGC, and mobile ethnographies help you understand your customers in new ways
  • Case examples for both B2B and B2C applications
Length: 00:40:31


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