Patty Yanes

Associate Principal

Patty is an associate principal at Applied Marketing Science. She helps companies in financial, industrial, healthcare, and consumer markets use research and insights to create more successful products, services and customer experiences.

Patty has extensive experience leading both domestic and international research engagements in business-to-business and consumer markets. She specializes in helping her clients to not only understand stated and latent customer needs through in-depth interviewing and ethnographic observation, but also with how to measure their criticality to innovation. Specifically, Patty is passionate about the use of choice-based research in gaining in-depth insights into the decisions customers make about products and services.

Patty is most energized when she’s helping clients develop research studies that will help them uncover meaningful customer insights that create real business impact. Personally, she enjoys traveling, trying new restaurants, listening to podcasts, rooting on Boston sports teams, and spending time with her family and close friends.

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