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Concept Testing

Our Approach

At Applied Marketing Science (AMS) we know that real insight comes from understanding customers. Our approach to concept testing puts the customer at the center and is both systematic and efficient. AMS partners with you to answer the important questions that enable you to optimize your concepts or prototypes before launch, before you’ve invested too much time and money on the product and before it’s too late. Drawing on the principles of design thinking, Voice of the Customer and more than 30 years of real-world experience in innovation, AMS helps you improve your concepts and prototypes prior to launch. This process saves you time and money by putting you on the path to launch more successful products, services, and customer experiences.

When you partner with AMS, you can trust that you’re working with the experts:

• As authorities in innovation and customer experience, AMS provides a real-world perspective on what you need to do to succeed.
• As professionals in the fields of Voice of the Customer and design thinking, AMS uncovers the stated and unstated needs that motivate customers to buy.
• As specialists in facilitating cross-functional teams, AMS collaborates with marketing, product development, engineering, and others at your company to ensure we engage with and listen to all relevant perspectives.

For over thirty years, companies have relied on us to answer the question: What do customers really need? Utilizing our best-in-class research techniques, Applied Marketing Science can help you to design and deliver products that not only meet important customer needs, but also differentiate you from the competition and resonate with your most profitable customer segments.

Revise and Update Concepts & Prototypes

We collaborate with you to make changes through an iterative, test-and-learn process that improves the product along the way.

Focus on the Key Design Elements

Some elements of your product may offer greater latitude for changes than others. We focus on the aspects of your product or prototype where research can provide the greatest leverage for improving the design.

Translate Research into Action

We facilitate collaborative creativity sessions that enable product designers, marketers, engineers, and others to translate research insights into product specifications and design or technical requirements.

Design and deliver products your customers will buy.