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Sometimes called observational research, deep dives, safaris or immersions, ethnographic research goes beyond what people say. It reveals latent, unspoken needs that people might not even realize they have. Ethnographic research demonstrates how people use your product in a real-world context, possibly in ways you never imagined. Ethnographies are effective for examining existing products and processes, as well as for refining product concepts and prototypes to maximize product-market fit.

In ethnographic research, we observe customers using your products in context, whether it’s on a job site, in an operating room, on the factory floor, or in their offices. Observation can be done in-person or through the use of mobile technology. Utilizing our expert observational, interviewing, and reporting techniques, we establish a comprehensive understanding of how people use your product or service in its actual environment, including identifying workarounds to overcome problems and potential uses of the product or service that were unknown or not what you had originally intended.

We deliver interactive, multi-media reports that tell a compelling and actionable story, enabling cross-functional teams to see and hear directly from customers and consumers. We also provide clear recommendations for acting on the results.

By studying the customer using your product in context, ethnography helps you optimize existing products, as well as create new product concepts and prototypes that meet customer needs and succeed in the marketplace.


How should we observe customers? When? Where? Should we visit in person? Through mobile technology?


What’s working for customers, and what’s not? What obstacles do they encounter?


What workarounds do customers use? What needs are these workarounds trying to solve for?


What unspoken needs can we detect? How do these insights impact strategy or design?

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