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Conjoint Analysis

Conjoint Analysis and Discrete Choice

Our Approach

Ask a consumer or customer which features are most important, and they’re likely to say “everything.” Ask them how much they’d pay for a new product, and they’ll give you a low price—much lower than what they’d really pay.

Conjoint—or discrete choice analysis—overcomes these problems. Rather than directly asking consumers or customers what is important or how much they will pay, conjoint analysis presents people with a series of competing, attractive offers in a carefully designed experiment. The trade-offs people make when choosing among the offers reveals the features that are most important and the prices they will pay. Conjoint analysis is a more accurate predictor of actual behavior in the marketplace than other methods, such as asking for importance or willingness to pay.

Our approach to conjoint rests upon groundbreaking academic research conducted by the Applied Marketing Science (AMS) team and tested in the real world—where multimillion-dollar decisions are at stake and errors are irreversible. We bring this expertise and attention to detail to all of our conjoint studies. We conduct conjoint analysis on products ranging from everyday household consumer items to more complex and technical products, such as power tools.

Our reports go beyond just delivering data. We interpret the findings, telling you the features that will perform best in your market and how much consumers will pay for them.

Product features and pricing are too important for you to get wrong. Conducting conjoint analysis with us ensures you get them right.

Measure Feature Utility

Identify the most critical features to include in a new or existing product

Optimize Pricing

Learn how much customers will pay for a product feature or combination of features

Assess Market Share

Measure take rate at various price points and predict any potential canibalization

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