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If you ask customers what they need in a new product, you will hear generalities—”faster,” “cheaper,” “better”—or features your competitors already offer. But that’s not actionable insight, and these answers don’t lead to successful innovation. Successful products and services begin with a complete and detailed understanding of customer needs. Attaining actionable insights—new information that drives design decisions—requires a more rigorous approach. Our proven Voice of the Customer methods help you understand what your customers need, with the clarity, comprehensiveness, and depth you require to make critical design decisions.

We deliver insights from our Voice of the Customer process in compelling presentations that not only tell you the story of customer needs, but also guide you on what to do about it. We tell you what matters most to your customers and what matters least, so you can prioritize your team’s limited resources to design solutions that win in the marketplace.

For over thirty years, product managers and customer experience professionals have relied on AMS to answer the first and most important question in all innovation: What do customers need? Whether you are working on incremental enhancements to your customer experience design, designing a breakthrough new product, or creating a disruptive business model, our Voice of the Customer process can help you find insights nobody else has, reducing your risk of failure and saving you time and money.

At AMS we know that real insight comes from examining customer experiences and understanding customers to develop a keen sense of empathy. We observe, we inquire, and we measure. What are customers trying to do? How do they solve those problems today? What are their frustrations or pain points? What is their experience working with your company or with your competitors? 

In-Depth Interviews

We use storytelling and projective techniques to explore customer experiences

Customer Journey Maps

We examine customer experiences across all touchpoints

Systematic Analysis

We record everything and work from verbatim interview transcripts, not notes, ensuring no insight is overlooked


Ethnographic Research

We observe customers—live or using mobile technology—using products and services

Voice of the Customer Surveys

We conduct customer needs prioritization analysis to understand satisfaction and identify gaps in the market

Your Customers are Ready to be Heard

Are you ready to Listen?

Learn how to apply Voice of the Customer at your own organization


Listening to the Voice of Customer

June 4-5, 2024
Orange County, CA

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