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Journey Mapping

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Journey maps let your customers tell their own story. They are a powerful tool to visualize all the ways customers experience your brand: in person, on the phone, on your website, on social media, and through distributors and other third-party suppliers. At Applied Marketing Science (AMS), our customer journey maps detail what customers want at each stage of the journey. They incorporate a detailed examination of each point of customer interaction, their state of mind, the touchpoints they encounter, and ultimately their key needs, or jobs to be done, that must be satisfied along the journey.

Utilizing consumer storytelling, personas, and surveys, our journey maps help you develop customer empathy to understand:

  • What’s working for your customers along the customer experience journey?
  • What’s not working? And how do your customers feel about the experience?
  • Where along the journey are you losing or at risk of losing customers? And how can you stop the churn?
  • What are the moments of truth in the journey? Where are sales and loyalty won or lost?

Read our newest whitepaper, “How Data-Driven Journey Maps Can Change the Game” to learn more about the power of journey mapping.

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Innovate on Unmet Customer Needs

Understand what kinds of customers seek which benefits, and the context in which they seek them

Establish Competitive Advantage

Recognize how customer experiences compare to expectations, and how you stack up against the competition

Optimize Touchpoints

Identify all customer touchpoints and assess the influence of each

Understand Market Segments

Uncover unique customer personas, and understand how each experiences the journey and their jobs to be done

Innovate along the customer journey