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How to Put a Value on Customer Interactions

Join Wayne Huang, Research Manager at Twitter, and Andrea Ruttenberg, Senior Manager at AMS, as they reveal key research findings from their work as discussed in the Harvard Business Review.

Wayne and Andrea will discuss how Twitter and AMS creatively used conjoint analysis to evaluate:

  • Whether customer service drives long term revenue
  • The effect of social advertising on customers’ willingness to pay for that brand.

They will also explain:

  • Why conjoint analysis has far reaching applications
  • How it can be used to evaluate customer willingness to pay in a variety of categories and for a variety of promotions.
  • Whether businesses should use traditional self-reported surveys as measures of success

Leave this webinar having learned a new method for quantifying the value of customer service and advertising and how to apply it to your own research.

Presenters: Andrea Ruttenberg, Wayne Huang
Length: 00:39:28


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