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Paradigm Shift: The Insights Revolution and Innovation in Medical Products

Manufacturers of medical devices, diagnostics and other medical products have long known that a deep understanding of patients, clinicians, hospital administrators and payors is essential to successful innovation in new products and customer experiences. Good market research is essential. Yet despite advances in marketing science that have benefited consumer products companies, many in the healthcare field continue to rely on the same techniques employed for decades, with predictably disappointing results and fewer “a-ha” insights.

In this webinar, John Mitchell, President and Managing Principal of Applied Marketing Science and an expert in customer research for healthcare markets, will provide an update on emerging techniques that can give medical-products companies a new source of competitive advantage in innovation. Specifically, he will discuss:

  • How companies can use techniques like journey mapping to study the patient and clinician experience, to find new customer needs and jobs to be done
  • How advances in machine learning and natural language processing can help innovators accelerate needs-finding, while reducing costs, by analyzing user-generated content (UGC)
  • How unconventional applications of conventional tools, like conjoint analysis, can help measure the impact of delivering better clinician and patient experiences
Length: 00:46:50


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