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Using Journey Maps to Transform the Customer Experience

A deep understanding of customer needs is essential for successful innovation in new products and customer experiences. Even more powerful is the ability to assess where customers’ most critical needs exist along their journey with your product or service and how best to respond to those needs to innovate, retain and delight customers. Time and time again we find that many companies continue to rely on the same techniques employed for decades, with predictably disappointing results and fewer “a-ha” insights.

Join Applied Marketing Science principal, Kristyn Corrigan, to learn how one tool — customer journey mapping — is changing how companies innovate.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Critical success factors for actionable journey mapping
  • How to identify and understand catalysts and moments of truth
  • How to extract meaningful insights through understanding customer needs
  • The power of personas in informing the optimal customer experience
Presenter: Kristyn Corrigan
Length: 00:25:01


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