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The Power of Patient Journey Maps for Medical Device Innovation & Marketing

As patients take increasing control of their healthcare decisions, attentive device makers can uncover new opportunities through a deep understanding of the patient experience. Building a patient journey map can be a decisive first step on the path to growth, giving both upstream product developers and downstream marketing managers insights that create competitive advantage. But what is a patient journey map? Patient journey maps are a visual representation of the stages, tasks, needs, and touchpoints of the medical consumer experience.

Watch our informative webinar on the integration between the growing field of patient experience mapping and medical device innovation and marketing. This engaging webinar is led by John C. Mitchell, President & Managing Principal of Applied Marketing Science and leader of the firm’s medical-device practice area.

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • How to think about the patient journey as structured set of stages, tasks, needs, and touchpoints
  • How patient journey mapping complements Voice of the Customer research
  • How personas enhance understanding of the patient journey
  • How to use the components to a patient journey map to inspire new products and tailor marketing messages
  • How you can start building a patient experience map at your company today
Length: 01:02:59


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