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Bringing Patients to Life with Journey Mapping

Mapping the Patient Journey
Better Innovation by Taking the Patient’s Perspective

As the shift towards patient-centered care continues, more and more medical product and service companies find that the key to successful innovation lies in seeing things from the patient’s point-of-view. A deep understanding of the patient experience—from the onset of symptoms and a diagnosis, through treatment, and on into recovery—can uncover previously undetected needs that may influence new product design, help shape new patient experiences, and inform marketing strategy.

Patient-journey mapping—a process of analyzing and detailing the patient experience—is one powerful method to uncover the needs of patients and the clinicians that treat them. In this brief webinar, AMS President & Managing Principal John Mitchell, an experienced researcher in the global medical-products market, will give an overview of patient-journey mapping, explain how it works, and discuss its application in the medical-products category.

Length: 00:27:30


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