John Mitchell, CCXP
President & Managing Principal


A.B., Government, Harvard College, M.B.A., New York University, with distinction


CXPA, Insights Association,
Women in Research (WIRe)


As a leader in the Insights for Innovation practice at Applied Marketing Science (AMS), John has over 20 years’ experience in marketing strategy, market research, and innovation. He specializes in research to support new product development and customer experience design, and has led engagements in the U.S., Latin America, Europe and Asia. John has also trained and coached hundreds of AMS clients to develop their in-house insight capabilities. He is a CXPA Certified Customer Experience Professional and a RIVA-trained focus group moderator.

Prior to his current role at AMS, John was a customer insights expert at McKinsey & Company, where he helped develop McKinsey’s model of the Consumer Decision Journey. He also worked at Innosight, an innovation strategy consulting firm founded by disruptive-innovation pioneer Clayton Christensen, and he led the North America customer insights team at Cimpress.

Outside of work, John is a skilled carpenter and woodworker. In addition to working in his own shop, John volunteers with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Lowell, and leads youth service trips to alleviate poverty housing, through the Appalachia Service Project. John is also a leader in the Boy Scouts of America, a youth-softball coach and an amateur guitarist and vocalist.

Speaking Engagements

Intellus Worldwide Summit 2023

What's Missing from Your Map?: The Role of Needs in Patient and Clinician Journey

John Mitchell will be presenting a reverse-exhibit session that will highlight the importance of building a comprehensive customer journey map that goes beyond simply describing the care path and spotting pain points. Attendees can expect to leave the session with an understanding of customer needs at each stage of their journey, which is imperative to clinician and patient satisfaction.

BIOMEDevice Boston 2019

Uncovering New Patient Insights with Machine Learning

Medtech innovators often lack the time and budget for extensive consumer-insight studies, especially when resources are already devoted to exploring clinician needs. New insights about patient needs and the patient experience are often lying in plain sight, in social media, product reviews, and discussion forums. Using new methods developed with researchers at MIT, this session demonstrates how to apply these open-source tools to find patient insights inexpensively. If you work in upstream product development and management and are tasked specifically with identifying new clinician and patient needs at the start of new product development, this session is for you!

B2B Next Conference 2019

How Do You Pick Your Favorite Child? Deciding Who the Customer Is in a B2B Ecosystem

John Mitchell speaks alongside professionals from Dow Jones, Verizon, and more on a panel titled, “How Do You Pick Your Favorite Child? Deciding Who the Customer Is in a B2B Ecosystem.''

Insights Association Corporate Researchers Conference 2019

John Mitchell and Michelle Grushko of Twitter discuss breakthrough applications of conjoint analysis, presenting findings from a new study investigating how Twitter ad impressions impact brand value.

Insights Association Converge Conference 2019

Synthesize More, Analyze Less: How AI Can Make Insight Generation Faster and Easier

The informative session explains both the science and art behind machine learning and provide evidence of its effectiveness through case examples in both B2C and B2C categories.

CXPA Insights Exchange

Machine Learning: A Potential Game Changer for Customer Experience Insights

John Mitchell discusses how machine learning can be applied to uncover groundbreaking customer experience insights from your data.

Front End of Innovation (FEI) 2018

Machine Learning: When Primary Research Becomes Secondary

John Mitchell and Carmel Dibner share the latest advancements in machine learning for market research, including how it can help uncover customer insights faster and cheaper from existing user-generated content.

Areas of Interest


e-commerce & retail

eCommerce and Retail

Consumer Durables

technology & telecommunications

Technology and Telecommunications

travel, logistics & hospitality

Travel, Logistics and Hospitality

Get to know John – he’s teaching our upcoming in-person workshop, “Listening to the Voice of the Customer” in Orange County, CA.

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