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Machine Learning: Leading the Voice of the Customer Insights Revolution

To successfully innovate, brands need to uncover new, game-changing insights. Traditional market research can be expensive and time-consuming, and in today’s hypercompetitive digital landscape, it can be harder than ever to find actionable insights. Now, more than ever, product developers and marketers need to quickly discover new insights and market signals on tighter budgets and within shorter time frames. But how can organizations maximize their chances of uncovering breakthrough insights within those constraints? Applied Marketing Science (AMS), in collaboration with researchers at MIT, has developed a new way to uncover critical insights from existing user-generated content. Join Kristyn Corrigan, AMS Principal, and Yogesh Chavda, Head of Insights at WS Audiology, as they discuss how this breakthrough method uncovers nuanced insights that even traditional research may overlook. Learn first-hand how WS Audiology partnered with AMS and utilized machine learning to answer their most pressing brand and product strategy questions.

Presenter: Kristyn Corrigan
Length: 00:22:18


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