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Creating Happy Customers for Life: How to Better Understand Customer Needs

Everyone understands the value of customer satisfaction, but what about the importance of listening to your customers? Beyond common measures like Net Promoter Score (NPS), do you really know what your customers need from your products or services? Despite the knowledge that customers are vital to the growth and success of every business, many organizations lack a deep understanding of their customers’ needs. Without these insights, it is impossible to develop a product or service that addresses an unmet need in the marketplace.

Join Applied Marketing Science for a discussion of why understanding customer needs matters more today than ever. You will learn:

  • Traditional and emerging methods for uncovering a complete list of stated and unstated customer needs, such as customer interviewing, machine learning, journey mapping and observational research 
  • How customer needs can drive better NPS measurement and instruments 
  • Techniques for prioritizing which customer needs to focus on to best optimize customer experience and product development 
  • Case examples that demonstrate the impact of understanding customer needs in both B2B and B2C markets 
  • How you can create happier customers by developing a better understanding of their wants and needs 
Presenter: Kristyn Corrigan
Length: 00:39:12


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