Journey Mapping

The journey map Applied Marketing Science created was detailed and highly actionable. It gave us the guidance we needed to redesign our whole thinking on customer engagement.
Vice President, Financial Services Company

Every consumer has a story to tell. But who tells those stories? Is it your consumers? If you’re like many companies, it’s not. Instead, it’s your sales team, customer service representatives, distributors, corporate executives—somebody, anybody—but not your consumers.

The AMS Difference

Journey maps let your consumers tell their own story. Our customer journey maps detail what consumers really think about you, and want from you, at each stage of their journey—from the initial engagement through ongoing relationship development and all the steps in between. We demonstrate how consumer experiences compare to expectations, and we show you how you stack up against your competitors. Our customer journey maps encompass all the ways consumers experience your brand: in person, on the phone, on your website, on social media and through distributors and other third-party suppliers.

Utilizing consumer storytelling, personas and surveys, our journey maps help you develop deep empathy for your consumers.

  • What’s working for them along the customer experience journey?
  • What’s not working—and how do they feel about the experience?
  • Where along the journey are you losing consumers, and how can you stop churn?
  • What are the moments of truth in the journey, where sales and loyalty are won or lost?
  • What’s the best approach to customer experience management?

The End Result

Our customer journey maps are easy to understand for your entire organization, fostering cross-functional collaboration and creating the corporate buy-in necessary to turn insights into action. We provide clear recommendations for acting on the results, customer experience strategy and customer experience marketing.

Journey mapping brings the consumer perspective to life, enabling you to develop distinctive customer experiences and differentiate your brand.

Read our newest whitepaper, “How Data-Driven Journey Maps Can Change the Game” to learn more about the power of journey mapping.

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