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Asking the Right Questions: Keys to Successful Customer Discovery Interviews

Many innovation consultants these days tell product developers to, “Get ‘out of the building’ and talk to prospective customers.” This advice is part of the lean start-up model, and it informs the principles of design thinking. But it’s hardly new. Best practices for conducting these interviews were developed by Applied Marketing Science in our award-winning Voice of the Customer methodology for conducting customer interviews 30 years ago. We’ve been successfully utilizing and training companies in these techniques ever since. Unfortunately, much of the so-called “expert” advice about interviewing is at best naïve; often it’s wrong. This webinar discusses proven best practices for conducting customer discovery interviews the right way using our proven method. Participants will learn keys to a good interview, understanding the difference between needs and solutions and tips for analyzing the results.

Presenter: John Burns
Length: 00:30:02


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