Ideation and Co-Creation

AMS successfully engaged a diverse group of experts in creative brainstorming – a group that, without AMS’s expertise and online brainstorming tool, would never have been co-assigned to work on a task like this.
Manager, Chemicals & Coating Company

Do you struggle to develop truly innovative new products? Coming up with innovations that will delight your customers and perform well in market is hard. AMS uses systematic, proven techniques, such as online ideation and gamification, that lead to more and better ideas.

The AMS Difference

Through focused ideation, we work with you to translate unmet customer needs into innovative ideas so that you can successfully evolve your products and services in a competitive marketplace.

We provide you with coaching and tools to:

  • Ensure that you brainstorm around the most important unmet customer needs
  • Find hidden opportunities to disrupt the market
  • Involve all internal stakeholders in the brainstorming process using techniques that are based upon proven ideation best practices

We challenge you to think in a creative but focused way — often engaging both employees and customers in the brainstorming process.

Our methods include:

  • In-person brainstorming with your internal team facilitated by AMS consultants
  • Gamified online brainstorming using, IDEALYST®, our proprietary ideation platform based on groundbreaking academic research
  • Customer co-creation to involve your target audience in the creative process
  • Rapid prototyping to flesh out concepts quickly based on real-time customer feedback

The End Result

We facilitate brainstorming and work with your team to synthesize ideas into cohesive product concepts. Once ideas have been developed, our expert consultants support your team with all aspects of concept evaluation and testing enabling you to objectively assess customer and company fit.

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