Prototype/Concept Testing and Product-Market Fit

We established the right mix of detail and positioning for our product by working with AMS. Their understanding of how to take consumer feedback and apply it to concepts is fantastic. They work in real time and are very flexible.
VP of Marketing, Technology Company

A popular mantra in new product innovation states that you should make products people want to buy. It’s good advice: products that people don’t want typically fail. But you have to understand what people want before you can make a product or service that delivers on it, and this is not as easy as it sounds.

If you just ask consumers what they want, you’ll hear a list of features, many of which are already on the market, reference old technology, and don’t reflect the future direction of your industry. You won’t get clear direction about the underlying wants and needs your product must fulfill. And it is these wants and needs that provide the real direction for improving your product or service to reach product-market fit.

The AMS Difference

We specialize in helping companies use research to understand how to optimize a product concept, evaluate a product prototype or assess the results of beta-test launches to establish product-market fit. Our techniques enable you to move beyond consumer-provided solutions or opinions to reveal the real wants and needs that will motivate consumers to purchase your product or service.

  • We establish the underlying functional benefits your product delivers
  • We assess the emotional benefits your product provides
  • We identify what you should do to change your product to create market fit—something consumers will spend time to find and money to pay for
  • We help establish the value of each feature, how much to charge for the product and what pricing model to use
  • We can run a project in collaboration with you, or we can come and train your team in our interviewing and observational techniques

The End Result

We utilize best-in-class interviewing and observational techniques. Developed specifically for use in developing new products, services and processes, our methods of interviewing, observation and analysis ensure you get the information you need to establish product-market fit as efficiently as possible.

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