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How to Gain Valuable Insights with Customer Interviews

Are you frustrated by customer interviews that lack the insights you can act upon? Are you struggling to get your interviews beyond basic responses, such as ease of use, reliability, or low price? Does your team still ask customers for solutions, only to find them talking about what you or the competition is already offering? Those techniques are yesterday’s news, and there’s a better way!

Join Applied Marketing Science for a discussion of how to conduct customer interviews that reveal detailed customer insights and rich experiences. You will learn:

  • Why customer interviews matter for innovation
  • How effective customer interviews focus on customer experiences and don’t ask for solutions
  • Why active listening is as important as asking the right questions – you can’t do one without the other
  • How to capture and analyze interview information to make the most of the research you conduct
Presenter: Carmel Dibner
Length: 00:31:44


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