Carmel Dibner


B.A., Psychology and Sociology, Business & Organizations Concentration, Cornell University; Magna Cum Laude,
M.B.A., Marketing and Management, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania; Palmer Scholar


2021 Women in Research (WIRe) Mentor
2023 Informa FEI Steering Committee Member


2023 Quirk’s Marketing Research
and Insight Excellence Award:
Health Care / Pharmaceutical Research Project (Account Lead)


Carmel is a principal at Applied Marketing Science where she is responsible for client relationships, client service delivery, and business development. Over the past decade, Carmel has helped dozens of companies uncover critical customer insights to improve products, services, and customer experiences. Over the course of her career, Carmel has worked both as a consultant and on the corporate side in brand management at Unilever for the flagship brand, Dove®.

Carmel has extensive experience managing traditional qualitative and quantitative research engagements in business to business and consumer markets. Additionally, Carmel leads the development and implementation of several innovative new research methodologies at AMS.

Carmel is passionate about the intersection of psychology and business. She enjoys helping clients make important business decisions based on customer research. She is particularly excited by how AI and Machine Learning are transforming the field of research and enjoys working with clients to unleash the potential of these new research methodologies. Outside of work, Carmel enjoys spending time with family, listening to music, exploring international cuisine, and embarking on weekend outdoor adventures.

Speaking Engagements

FEI Continued 2023

Leveraging AI for Customer Journey Mapping Success: Boston Children's Hospital Case Study

Join Applied Marketing Science (AMS) to hear how you can leverage AI to develop a highly detailed journey map to better understand your customers. AMS and Boston Children’s Hospital will share an example of how they jointly used machine learning to map the journeys of pediatric complex care patients.

TMRE @ Home 2023

How Boston Children’s Hospital Leveraged AI for Customer Journey Map Success

Applied Marketing Science (AMS) and Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) explore how leveraging AI enabled the #1 pediatric hospital in the US to develop a highly-detailed journey map. The resulting journey map enabled BCH to better understand the experiences of pediatric complex care patients.

TMRE Continued 2022

What's Cooking? Spectrum Brands' Revolutionary Approach to Customer Insights

Carmel Dibner will be joined by Cassandra Maktabi, Senior New Product Manager at Spectrum Brands, to explore how Spectrum Brands has made deep understanding of customer needs central to their innovation strategy. They will explore the multitude of ways identifying a full range of customer needs has paid dividends for Spectrum Brands’ air fryer category and beyond. Specifically, they will address how aligning on customer needs was a critical tool in the successful reorganization of the portfolio after their 2021 acquisition of Tristar Products.

Product Mastery Now Podcast

Episode 405: Create serial innovation product teams – with Abbie Griffin, PhD, and Carmel Dibner

Carmel Dibner and Dr. Abbie Griffin discuss serial innovators and how they can greatly improve the innovation results of an organization. Abbie and Carmel define the term ‘serial innovator’ and explain how carefully structured and developed teams results in exponential innovation success; they also share insights related to personalities, skills and attitudes that will help listeners start building in-organization serial innovation teams. Innovation success and well-structured teams go hand in hand. Listen now;

TMRE @ Home 2022

Secret Strategies for Creating Serial Innovation Teams

Carmel Dibner and Abbie Griffin, PhD discuss how to structure your internal teams for successful innovation. They cover insights related to personalities, skills and attitudes that predict innovation success. They also discuss how to think about team size, how to stay on task during the early stages of innovation and provide strategic tips to contribute to your team’s success.

FEI Presents: Leading Innovation in a Digital World 2020

Machine Learning: Finding Sticky Innovations in the Age of Stuck at Home

Carmel Dibner and Kristyn Corrigan discuss how machine learning can be leveraged to gather unique and actionable customer insights during this transformative time.

TMRE: The Market Research Event Virtual Digital Summit 2020

Machine Learning: Unmasking Insights in the Masked Era

Carmel Dibner and Kristyn Corrigan discuss how researchers can utilize machine learning to gather deep, transformative insights, even without being face-to-face with customers.

Quirk’s Event Brooklyn 2020

Unearthing the Unexpected: The Power of Machine Learning

Carmel Dibner discusses advances in machine learning technology that allow researchers to gain insights for innovation much quicker and less expensively than ever before. The technology, developed in collaboration with researchers in MIT, enables companies to collect insights from existing text-based content – whether public or private – in a matter of a few short weeks.

Front End of Innovation (FEI) 2019

“The Future of Innovation: Faster, Better Insights with AI”

Carmel Dibner and Kristyn Corrigan discuss how machine learning continues to transform innovation, and how powerful customer insights can be uncovered from the data you already have.

Front End of Innovation (FEI) 2018

Machine Learning: When Primary Research Becomes Secondary

Carmel Dibner and John Mitchell share the latest advancements in machine learning for market research, including how it can help uncover customer insights faster and cheaper from existing user-generated content.

Northeastern University 2017

Carmel Dibner guest lectured at Northeastern University in April 2017 as part of a market research course (Marketing 6210). Carmel discussed the characteristics of a successful researcher, applicable academic disciplines and courses outside of the market research field that are valuable for a career in insights.

Areas of interest


Fast Moving Consumer Goods

engineered products & components

Engineered Products & Components

Consumer Durables

non-profit industry

Nonprofit and Public Sector

Building Materials & Durables

banking, investing & insurance

Banking, Investing and Insurance

technology & telecommunications

Technology and Telecommunications

Carmel’s Thought Leadership

Carmel recently presented on leveraging AI for customer journey mapping success alongside Stephanie Zawacki of Boston Children’s Hospital.

Carmel is ready to help solve your business challenges