Advertising Claims Research and Consulting

Advertising and packaging claims can drive sales, but they must be carefully developed to maximize impact and rigorously substantiated to survive challenges from competitors. A poorly tested product claim can waste valuable marketing dollars. Furthermore, misleading or improperly substantiated claims can expose your company to legal action, which may force you to suspend advertisements and pull products from stores. Therefore, it is critical to use proven methods for developing and substantiating claims every time.

The AMS Difference

With over thirty years of experience in consumer research and litigation-support research, AMS is your partner in developing effective claims. Our team can manage your complete claims development and substantiation program from start to finish. We can also provide targeted support at specific points in the process.

Let our team of experienced consultants help you:

  • Identify consumer needs to determine the features to emphasize in advertisement claims
  • Evaluate which claims best communicate key reasons to believe
  • Use advertisement testing and journey mapping to optimize how and where to make your claim
  • Collect and evaluate relevant claims data with rigorous, scientific research and generally accepted protocols
  • Provide guidance on how to defend the claim in the event of a challenge

In addition to our dedicated team of consultants, AMS maintains a deep bench of internal and external testifying experts. Working with AMS, you can be confident that your claim studies are designed, executed, and analyzed by veteran survey experts, and are supported by reliable and objective scientific evidence that meets the guidelines set forth by the exacting standards of the National Advertising Division (NAD), Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Visit our litigation practice for more information on how AMS supports clients in claims substantiation.

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