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Product Innovation Master Class:
How to Become a Serial Innovator

Course Description

Global tech companies may generate a lot of press, but everyday innovation occurs in all industries, even if most of it never makes the front page. Those delivering these new products — Serial Innovators — enjoy repeated success. What can we learn from them and how can you apply it in your own company?  

Join innovation and product development expert Professor Abbie Griffin, and long-time innovation practitioners John Mitchell and Kristyn Corrigan of Applied Marketing Science for a virtual workshop to up your innovation game.

In this lively and highly collaborative learning environment, you will learn how to innovate alongside companies like yours facing similar innovation roadblocks. There will be numerous hands-on activities and practice exercises. 

You will learn how to:
• Formulate and develop strategically important new product development projects
• Gain acceptance for new product development projects within your organization
• Increase the likelihood of success for your new product or service
… and much, much more!

Bring your most current pressing innovation challenge to this Master Class and leave with the skills, knowledge, and clarity on how to tackle that issue head-on! Participants should expect to leave with the techniques and confidence to bring innovative products or services to market.

Those who work in B2B industries (e.g., industrial components, equipment, materials, chemicals and coatings) will find this workshop especially insightful. While these categories aren’t generally seen as innovative in the traditional sense, they often have the most to gain from innovation. This workshop is for product developers and managers, marketing professionals, R&D scientists and engineers, and others involved in new product development at established companies. The content is geared toward practitioners and managers who are responsible for bringing innovations to market, including finding opportunities, creating solutions, and launching successful products.  

Course Details

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Enrollment is limited to 20 participants to maintain a seminar format and encourage participation. The workshop will run from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) each day.

For more information and the full list of topics covered, read our downloadable pdf icon
Product Innovation Master Class Overview


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