Consumer Insights for Innovation | NYC

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Consumer Insights for Innovation

September 21, 2018
New York, NY
The Cornell Club – New York

Join fellow consumer insights-and-innovation professionals for a lively and engaging one-day workshop at the Cornell Club, in the heart of Manhattan, on Friday, September 21, 2018. Led by experienced Applied Marketing Science (AMS) insights professionals, John Burns and Carmel Dibner, this workshop covers best practices and cutting-edge consumer-research methods for driving innovation in products, services and customer experiences.

Participants will leave the course understanding best practices for conducting traditional consumer research to support innovation and marketing. They will also understand emerging methods that open up new and exciting areas for insights.

The workshop includes:
  • Best practices for identifying and prioritizing insights in the front-end of innovation
  • Eliciting consumer stories for developing empathy for consumers
  • Machine learning using artificial intelligence (AI) to make insights faster, cheaper, and more comprehensive than traditional methods
  • Consumer journeys and using insights to create distinctive customer experiences
  • Ethnography to uncover unspoken consumer attitudes, opinions, and behavior
  • Conjoint to understand consumer decision making, as well as new applications in optimizing the customer experience
Enrollment is limited to 25 participants, to maintain a seminar format and facilitate in-class discussions, and to provide networking opportunities among attendees. For help or additional information, call Kelly Dudenhoeffer at (781) 250-6306. For additional details: Download Course Overview PDF
Course registration fee $799 per participant
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Early Bird group registration fee* (if registering three or more participants by August 31, 2017) $699* per participant

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