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Applied Marketing Science uses a very disciplined and sound methodology, while also being quick. They are more visionary and strategic than other market research groups. AMS helped redefine who we were, and helped us to create a consistent product and a consistent image. We went from being a multinational company, to a global company, taking care of all of the needs of our customers in all parts of the world.
Product Manager, Medical Device Manufacturer
If someone approached me that was looking for a partner to help them gather consumer insights and then take those insights, convert them into business requirements, and then work to determine which product concepts to develop and launch…I would recommend Applied Marketing Science.
Customer Insights Manager, Consumer Services Company
Professional, analytical, dynamic thinking with creative ideas and concepts.
Product Manager,
Industrial Products Manufacturer
A market research firm that understands the science behind the true Voice of the Customer.
Chemicals and Coatings Manufacturer
The best in the business, the spawn of [Abbie] Griffin and [John] Hauser.
Product Engineer,
Medical Device Manufacturer
Voice of the Customer is a key requirement for our business. We really felt we needed to have the voice of the customer before we developed new products. I don’t think I have come across anybody that has a better VOC approach yet. AMS customized the materials, trained our trainers, and coached us. Many millions of dollars were generated through the application of the Voice of the Customer principles we learned from AMS.
Manager, Industrial Products Manufacturer
Applied Marketing Science is unbelievably easy to work with. Working with AMS was an extremely interactive process, yet low-stress. It always felt like we were on the same side of the problem. If we had any questions, they answered right away and the AMS team would modify the project to our needs. They encouraged our participation and it worked out very, very well for us.
Product Manager, Chemicals and Coatings Manufacturer
We’ve worked with other consultants, and what made AMS different was their subject-matter expertise. We haven’t found a better subject matter expert. We’re self-teaching now because AMS helped us to train the trainers.
Manager, Industrial Products Manufacturer
I thought I was somewhat of an expert in my chosen industry and understood most of my customers’ needs. Quality Function Deployment (QFD) with Applied Marketing Science was a humbling experience that I can turn into a great asset.
Market Manager, Industrial Products Manufacturer
The Voice of the Customer gave us insight. The light bulb went off after we did the House of Quality. If you pulled someone off the street and said, ‘What are the ten things that a health insurance company needs to focus on?’ that is exactly what came out of this. The Voice of the Customer really helped us focus our business and understand how drives of quality impact the bottom line.
Marketing Manager, Health Insurance Company
Our Voice of the Customer initiative was really interesting and successful. Applied Marketing Science led us through and discussed all of the key steps. There was a lot of guidance, so they were almost like a part of our team. It was a data-driven form of product development, which impressed me because I’m a classically trained engineer. I would recommend AMS to anybody who is interested in VOC.
Global Marketing Manager, Chemicals and Coatings Manufacturer
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