Medical Market Assessment and Sizing

Entering a new specialty or subspecialty is an expensive endeavor. Before allocating resources to upstream product design and downstream product marketing, it is critical to understand the opportunity—the size of the relevant clinician market, potential procedure volume and penetration of competing techniques. Market research can answer these questions and reduce your risk.

The AMS Difference

Applied Marketing Science (AMS) can help you create a complete and comprehensive picture of your target market, so that you can identify the most attractive entry points for new products and services. We combine thorough market research with exacting analysis to deliver the answers you need.

We use tools such as:

  • Interviews, to identify key clinician and administrator needs, spot trends in standards of care, and flag clinical and financial constraints to adoption
  • Surveys with clinicians and administrators to measure caseloads, procedure and referral volume, and expected growth rates
  • Online and in-person patient discussion groups and diaries to understand drivers of demand, assess opinions of treatment options and identify misperceptions
  • Top-down and bottom-up market-modeling and analysis
  • Sensitivity and Monte Carlo analysis to identify the most influential drivers of market size and estimate modeling error

The End Result

Our market assessments condense a large set of facts from disparate sources into a clear and coherent story. Our actionable reports will outline the most promising areas for investment and recommend specific product strategies for product design, customer support and sales planning.

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