Customer Needs Analysis

Medical devices and pharmaceuticals require long lead times to develop and bring to market. Products that do not meet important needs could be a costly setback. A detailed study of the problems clinicians and patients face, and the benefits they seek, will put your design team on the right track to a winning product. Our proven Voice of the Customer method for healthcare and medical markets will help you understand medical professionals and patients with the detail you need to make product development decisions.

The AMS Difference

Applied Marketing Science (AMS) brings an unparalleled breadth of experience helping global medical products companies understand the needs of healthcare providers, patients and payors. We understand disease states, common treatments and clinical language. We demonstrate empathy with patients suffering from life-altering conditions. We know the complexity of payment systems.

Our needs-finding goes deeper and uncovers more insight. Our systematic approach uses proven methods and rests on fundamental principles:

  • We focus on customer problems, not desired features, by studying the tasks and jobs-to-be-done in diagnosis, therapy and recovery for both acute and chronic conditions.
  • We cover a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including key opinion leaders (KOLs) in academic medical centers, mainstream clinicians in ambulatory centers, administrators and procurement managers, patients and non-clinical caregivers.
  • We use a diverse toolbox to capture functional and emotional customer needs, including one-on-one interviews, focus groups, social media analysis, observational research, patient diaries and surveys.
  • We rely on verbatim analysis of transcripts of research interactions. This ensures that critical design details and nuances are not overlooked.

The End Result

The best research is worth little if it does not inspire action. Our team delivers informative reports that bring clinician and patient needs to life in clear language and compelling visual presentations. Our medical experience enables us to move beyond generalities. We explain where we see opportunities for innovation in medical products and the customer experience, and we recommend concrete next steps for your team.

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