Customer Insights Training for Healthcare Markets

Sometimes you need an outside expert to help you listen to the Voice of the Customer. Other times, it makes sense to bring those capabilities in house. Managers at medical products firms know firsthand the value of directly studying clinicians, administrators, and patients to understand needs, to explore new product ideas, and to forecast adoption. Yet many managers lack training and experience in gathering customer insights on their own.

The AMS Difference

Dozens of medical-products companies have enlisted Applied Marketing Science (AMS) expert consultants for customized training and coaching in Voice of the Customer and other market-research methods. Whether you need a one- or two-day seminar, our VOC Navigator™ intensive regimen of instruction and implementation support, or anything in-between, our team can help you.

  • We are experts in both customer insights and product development. Our consultants will ensure that you learn skills that are specific to innovating in new product development and customer experience design.
  • We know the medical category. Our team has worked with dozens of leading medical-device, pharmaceutical, and health insurance companies. We understand clinical specialties, the patient journey, and the thicket of regulations governing research in medical markets.
  • We are hands-on practitioners. We teach and coach our clients to use the same research tools we apply every day to study physicians, nurses, payors, patients and caregivers. You will learn skills that have been tested in the real-world.

The End Result

When you partner with AMS for training and coaching, your team will get lively, interactive workshops led by instructors who win praise from students for their content knowledge and engaging presentation. You will work with our consultants, thought-partners as you design your research project, and receive analytical help where you need it. In addition, your team will gain unlimited access to our toolkit of job aids, templates, and best-practice documents to support your planning and execution.

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