Market Segmentation

AMS identified the right target segments for us to go after. It helped us agree on what to do as a company, and we developed a really tight value proposition. I highly recommend AMS for segmentation.
Director of Marketing, Healthcare Carrier

Segmentation is critical to successful product-and-service innovation. Not all consumers think or act the same way, and they don’t all want or need the same things. In fact, a single consumer may prefer one product on a weekend and another on a weekday, or one type of service when they’re with family and friends and another when they’re alone. Companies that successfully innovate develop products and services that target the wants and needs of consumer segments.

The AMS Difference

We deliver actionable segmentation research that enables you to target high-priority segments with the right products and services, at the right time and with a message that will motivate them to make a purchase from you.

  • We identify segments based on consumer needs, attitudes and usage occasions
  • We ensure segments are large enough to warrant your attention
  • We find segments that spend enough to make them worth your time and effort
  • We assess segment loyalty to understand what it takes to acquire and keep a customer
  • We collaboratively show you several segmentations before agreeing on the right one for you

The End Result

Consistent with our heritage from MIT, we use statistical best practices for conducting segmentation research, so you know the result are real and not an artifact of an incorrectly analyzed segmentation. In addition, we create bridges between segmentation surveys and marketing and sales databases, enabling you to identify segment membership for all of the consumers in your databases—even if they didn’t take the survey.

Use segmentation to ensure your innovation targets the right consumers.Contact Us

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