Customer Experience, Satisfaction and Loyalty

Applied Marketing Science is outstanding at the customer experience. Their process helped us redesign our entire digital marketing from a customer perspective—with noted improvement in our results.
Sr. Marketing Manager, Financial Services Company

Consumers don’t distinguish between the products you create and the experiences they have with you. In the digital age, consumers demand your best, no matter where they are in their journey or how they choose to interact with you. And the experiences you create have an impact on how satisfied customers are and how likely they are to recommend your organization to others (e.g., NPS).

The AMS Difference

We help you deliver experiences that delight consumers and differentiate your brand. We work across all the touchpoints in the customer journey and all the channels you use to interact with customers: in person, on the telephone, on your website, on social media and on mobile devices. Our expertise covers a range of consumer markets, including fast-moving goods, financial services, and consumer durables. Our systematic approach to customer experience research takes you from understanding to action.

  • We explore the customer experience to reveal what customers really want from the experience of working with your company, and how it compares to what they’re getting now.
  • We educate your organization using multi-media presentations with first-hand accounts from customers, as well as role-playing activities for your team that foster deep empathy for the customer experience.
  • We guide you in enacting changes that create a customer experience your customers want, and that makes them feel satisfied and comfortable.
  • We evaluate the customer experience over time, identifying the elements of the customer experience that drive key business outcomes, such as satisfaction and likelihood to recommend (NPS).

Now more than ever, delivering an experience that delights customers is critical to maintaining and improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. We help you do just that.

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