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Applied Marketing Science helped us understand how consumers see our brand in new ways. We developed themes for our advertising, and a deeper appreciation for how we can emotionally connect with consumers across generations.
VP, Food and Beverage Company

Times change. People change. Product categories change. Is your brand changing with them? Your brand is the essence of the experiences, expectations, memories of the past, and promises for the future that consumers associate with your company. Every touchpoint you have with consumers shapes their perceptions and carries with it the opportunity to strengthen or weaken your brand. But what does your brand mean to consumers? What images and emotions does your brand evoke? How is your brand different from the competition? And how should your brand evolve to remain relevant in the future?

The AMS Difference

AMS establishes what your brand stands for and what it can become. We identify your strengths and weaknesses on functional, experiential, and emotional levels. We compare your brand to the competition, establishing where you need to improve to stay relevant to consumers. AMS brand research:

  • Uncovers emotional attachments to your brand and those of your competitors
  • Creates a visual map of the marketplace of brands, enabling you to see where you need to improve and why
  • Establishes the value of your brand and how it compares to your competitors
  • Assesses how the consumer journey shapes perceptions of your brand, including uncovering moments that matter most to your consumers
  • Identifies segments that are more attached to your brand than others, and what you can do to maintain these relationships and improve connections with consumers less attached to your brand

The End Result

AMS identifies how to successfully strengthen and improve your brand messaging, advertising, and packaging. In addition, we establish how to create a customer experiences that reinforce your brand essence at every touchpoint. This enables you to keep your brand fresh and up-to-date with changing consumer preferences, expectations, and demands. It gives you an advantage over the competition, now and in the years ahead.

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