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Voice of the Customer is essential to innovation, but it takes time and effort to do it right. AMS gave our team the leverage to do it ourselves, and do it right.
Product Manager, Heavy Equipment Company

Have you tried to implement Voice of the Customer in your product-development process, but struggled to get anywhere? Has your team been bogged down when collecting VOC, been stymied by tactical obstacles and setbacks or struggled to find enough team bandwidth to keep your VOC project on track? Would you like to make customer-driven product-development a capability of your team but don’t know how to get started? If so, VOC Navigator™ is for you.
We ensure that you not only understand the best ways to identify customer needs, but also use what you learn to develop successful products and services and hit targets for ROI.

“Do It with Help” vs. “Do It Yourself”

VOC Navigator™ is a comprehensive consulting engagement that combines training, coaching, project management, and analytical support. We follow an “action learning” approach, in which your team learns VOC methods in the classroom and then applies them on a real project with support from our experienced consultants. A typical VOC Navigator™ engagement includes:

  1. Instruction: Through interactive on-site workshops, our experienced instructors teach you best-in-class VOC techniques.
  2. Coaching: Our teams work side-by-side as you design and execute your research, while we advise you and offer coaching based on decades of experience.
  3. Leverage: As your team does the high-visibility, critical work of formulating important questions, visiting customers, and interpreting results, our team works in the background on specialized tasks that your team doesn’t have time for like qualitative analysis, survey programming, and data processing.
  4. Facilitation: AMS guides you through structured concept generation. We combine new tools like online brainstorming and user-generated content (UGC) analysis with proven techniques like our Express™ QFD methodology, to help you conceive new products that customers want to buy.
  5. Testing: Our team serves as an unbiased party, bringing your concepts to customers for evaluation and getting you objective insights to make important decisions and secure funding.
  6. Project Management: All along the way, we help manage your project, steering you clear of common mistakes and pitfalls and keeping your project on schedule.

The AMS Difference

  • Our program is suitable for a wide variety of companies including B2B companies with complex value chains and demanding, highly technical customers.
  • We have over three decades of experience meeting VOC challenges in nearly every industry.
  • We teach you the best-in-class tools and techniques we use every day to solve real problems. Our methods are proven and practical, not theoretical and abstract.
  • We ensure that you will put the tools that you learn into practice immediately at your company.
  • We help you build a repeatable process for using customer insight to drive new product development.
  • Our team is accessible and committed to your project. Your problems are our problems, and we work together to solve them.

We will design the approach that is right for you. Engage us for the whole process or only a part of it, depending on your needs and resources.

Do VOC yourself, and do it right Connect with Us to Learn How

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