Market Segmentation

We have worked with other research partners in the past, and none of them compare to the actionable segments that AMS provided us.
VP of Marketing, Industrial Products Company

Effective market segmentation is an essential part to successful product and service innovation. Not all customers think or act the same way, and they don’t all want or need the same things. Companies that can successfully develop innovative products and services that target the wants and needs of their customer segments win.

The AMS Difference

We deliver actionable segmentation research that enables you to target the most profitable, high-priority segments with the right products and services, at the right time and with a value proposition that will motivate them to purchase from you.

  • By emphasizing segmenting on customer needs, we focus on the fundamental issue that determines customer purchase in new products and services. A need is the functional or emotional benefit a customer seeks to receive.
  • By identifying and evaluating functional and emotional needs, we create segmentations that inform the development of product and service features and marketing communications
  • By ensuring your segmentation integrates with your existing customer marketing and sales databases, we allow you to target the segments you identify and make your segmentation as useful as possible.
  • By selecting the best segmentation for your customers using more than one statistical technique, we ensure your segmentation is as accurate and unbiased as possible.

Consistent with our MIT heritage, we use best-in-class statistical methods for conducting segmentation research, so you can trust the results. In addition, we can create bridges between segmentation surveys and marketing and sales databases, enabling you to take action and identify segment membership for all of the customers in your databases – even if they didn’t take the survey.

The End Result

Our segmentation analysis reporting provides you with a compelling and customer-centric story that will enable cross-functional teams in your organization to take action. Our multi-media reports bring data to life, while providing clear, strategic recommendations for acting on the results.

An effective and actionable market segmentation helps you to target the right segments with products and messaging that directly resonate with them.

Use segmentation research to ensure your innovation targets the right customers for your product or service.Contact us today
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