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Helping B2B and professional services companies around the globe turn customer insights into successful new products, services and customer experiences.

We know professional and business markets, and the dynamics of complex industries. For decades, Applied Marketing Science (AMS) has provided market research and consulting to B2B and professional services companies all over the world. Our consultants design, field and analyze research studies ranging from quick-turn projects that answer a few critical questions, to comprehensive engagements that deliver a deep view of an industry category. We deliver actionable insights that increase your success rates in developing new products and improving customer experiences.

Market Research and Consulting Services

Voice of the Customer

Systematically understand what your customers need, with the depth and comprehensiveness you require to make critical product development decisions.

Customer Experience

Understand what your customers want from the experience of working with your company, and what they expect throughout their customer journey.

Journey Mapping

Understand the touchpoints, tasks and jobs-to-be done throughout the customer journey, so that you can innovate throughout the customer experience.

Conjoint Analysis/Discrete Choice

Use the most effective method of understanding which features should be included in your product and how much to charge for it.

Design Thinking, Concept Testing and Prototyping

Optimize new product prototypes and concepts by testing them across the value chain and quickly adapting based on the findings.

Market Segmentation

Understand how your customers differ in thoughts and behavior to develop products, services and communications that target the most promising groups.

Ethnographic/Observational Research

Understand how your customers use your products by observing real-world action, either live or on video.

Ideation and Co-Creation

Facilitate productive and focused brainstorming sessions to generate more and better ideas using the latest gamified techniques.

Quality Function Deployment (QFD)

Express QFD® bridges the gap between customer needs, engineering capabilities and metrics so that your product meets the most crucial customer needs.

VOC Navigator™

A combination of training, coaching and doing. Your team gathers customer insights, and we support you to do it right.

Machine Learning

Get fast, actionable insights from existing data including discussion forums, online reviews, call center data, and survey open-ends.

Uncover insights to develop new products and improve customer experiences. Contact us today!

Industry Expertise

We work with some of the most recognizable brands—both locally and globally. We are adept at engaging hard-to-find customers across value chains and in narrow industries and we pride ourselves on our ability to quickly comprehend complex, highly technical subjects.

  • Banking, Investing and Insurance
  • Building Materials and Durables
  • Chemicals, Coatings and Additives
  • eCommerce and Retail
  • Engineered Products and Components
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Medical Products and Pharmaceuticals
  • Non-Profit and Public Sector
  • Oil and Gas
  • Technology and Telecommunications
  • Travel, Logistics and Hospitality

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