Our Solutions

ideation and product roadmapping

Ideation and Product Roadmapping

Our Approach

The best insights are useless if teams aren’t equipped to act on them. Through virtual and in-person, focused ideation sessions, we help teams to translate their most critical, insights into product strategy

We provide you with coaching and tools to:

• Ensure your team brainstorms around the most critical opportunity areas in the market

• Find hidden opportunities to disrupt the market

• Involve all internal stakeholders in the brainstorming process

• Challenge you to think in a creative but focused way—often engaging both employees and customers in the brainstorming process.

We facilitate virtual and in-person brainstorming and data activation sessions to synthesize ideas into cohesive product concepts.

Virtual or In-Person Brainstorming

Focused brainstorming and data activation sessions with your internal team facilitated by AMS consultants

Gamified Brainstorming

Gamified online brainstorming using, IDEALYST®, our proprietary ideation platform based on groundbreaking academic research

Customer Co-Creation

Customer co-creation to involve your target audience in the creative process

Translate your most critical insights into product strategy