Welcome FEI 2023 Conference Attendees

Did you get a chance to attend our session “Why Asking ‘How Much Would You Pay?’ Makes No Cents: Strategies for Innovation Pricing,” presented by Applied Marketing Science Principal and Innovation Practice Lead Kristyn Corrigan?

In her session, Kristyn explored pricing for innovation and how to develop a pricing strategy that captures value while being acceptable to customers. Attendees gained knowledge of best practices for optimizing pricing and ways to avoid common pitfalls. 

We hope you learned something new from Kristyn’s presentation. Our insights experts are ready to meet you wherever you may be on your insights and product development journey!


Looking to get product features and pricing right?

Request an up-to 2-hour complimentary consultation with our insights experts to learn how your company can start listening to customers’ needs, even while remote. Whether your questions relate to market opportunity assessment, product development, pricing, brainstorming or customer satisfaction, we can discuss your options for building insights capabilities internally or partnering with the right vendors for results.

Some example questions include:

  • How can my company implement research methods while remote?
  • How do I develop an effective pricing strategy for my product?
  • What research methods would be most effective for our business model?
  • How can my business adapt to customers’ potentially changed needs?