About Applied Marketing Science

Who We Are

For over thirty years, Applied Marketing Science (AMS) has been dedicated to helping product developers, quality managers, customer experience professionals and executives use customer insights to develop better products and services. We are a seasoned team of insights consultants who have a passion for market research and are ready to meet you wherever you are on your journey to customer-inspired innovation. Whether you need top-notch research executed quickly and accurately to inform urgent decisions, or you want to make customer insights identification and analysis a core competency of your team, AMS can help you.

Founded in 1989 by Prof. John Hauser of the MIT Sloan School of Management, AMS remains true to our academic roots. Clients choose us for our systematic methods developed by leading scholars of marketing science and management, adapted for practical application and refined over decades in real-world cases. Our approach has been proven to work, repeatedly.

What We Do

Our team focuses exclusively on new product development, customer experience and new service design. We understand the significant role of customer insights in the product development process. Our team is highly competent in difficult industrial markets with complex value chains and sophisticated, expert customers, and in broad consumer markets with extensive customer segments and usage occasions.

More than anything else, clients value us as a partner in their innovation efforts, not just a vendor. Our research teams are consistently recognized for our flexibility and creativity in finding ways to uncover the insights our clients need to make critical decisions. Our trainers and consultants earn high praise for their accessibility, knowledge and patience in coaching clients to build their own capabilities. Perhaps our proudest achievement of all is the long list of distinguished companies who trust AMS to deliver impact—not just once, but engagement after engagement, year after year. If you would like to join the list, please contact us.

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